Commercial Security Tips To Keep The Monsters Out At Halloween

If you are concerned about Halloween this year and how to keep both your business premises and your staff safe during this time, it is important that you stay ahead of the curve with all of the different innovations that commercial security systems are offering today.

Despite Halloween being a fun holiday for some people, it can present some potential dangers to others. For this reason, it is best to be aware of what goes on during these times.

Since not all trick or treaters are out to collect candy and other sweet treats, you need to be aware of what you can do to prevent unsafe security problems from occurring. With that in mind, here are 6 commercial security tips that will help you to keep the monsters out this Halloween.

Commercial Security Tips This Halloween

1. Install Intruder Alarm Systems

One of the best ways to prepare your commercial property for this time of year is to make sure that you have an intruder alarm system installed. This is a great way of alerting the security department when someone tries to enter in an unauthorised area. If you already have an intruder alarm system installed in your premises, it is best to ensure that it is working correctly. With this type of alarm system, no one can enter the property without someone knowing that the security is being compromised.

These systems can be installed strategically in several different areas of the property so that no area is exposed to undue risks at any time. Instead, the intruder alarm system will give everyone a chance to respond quickly so that the problems will be addressed immediately.

2. Install Commercial CCTV Systems

The installation of commercial CCTV systems can be ideal for this time of year. By having CCTV systems installed in and around your premises, you can keep an eye out for those who are walking the streets on the night of Halloween. They are particularly useful when capturing footage of pranksters who might be planning tricks against homes and business premises.

Image of CCTV commercial security for halloween

3. Halloween Security Plans

Make sure that the business has plans for Halloween security. Since the tradition is to give a treat, or suffer from a trick, you will need a plan to make sure that no one can cause problems that can be avoided. To prepare for issues in advance, your Halloween security systems should entail providing plans that will ensure smoke and fire does not cause harm to people or the property.

In some cases, the issue of concern will not be caused by a trick, but by a fire in the building. Since some people like to celebrate Halloween with all kinds of different decorations including lots of candles, the potential for a fire to break out is not unheard of.

Therefore, to make sure that the property is also ready for smoke or fire alerts, you will need the appropriate fire detection systems and sprinkler systems in the right areas. These systems are not only designed to alert everyone that is onsite but will also begin to put the fire out with a sprinkler system that turns on automatically.

4. Introduce Auto Lighting To Your Premises

In some situations, people might be away from their premises during Halloween. However, they might want their property to be protected from any potential problems from happening while they are away. Since many trick or treaters do not go out until after dark, it is best to implement ways of avoiding any problems from occurring.

Therefore, it is a good idea to implement auto lighting into your business premises. This works by sensing the presence of anyone who enters or comes near the property. This auto lighting feature is great for giving the impression that someone is already on the property and are simply watching in the background if someone is trying to gain access without being authorised.

Commercial security - Image of darkness

5. Keep Visitors Safe 

If the property is opened for adults and kids to celebrate Halloween, you should make sure that the visitors are safe on the grounds too. Because these activities may start before nightfall but end well after into the late hours of the night, the areas around the property must be well lit. By adding the extra lighting automatically in places that are occupied, it can protect visitors from falling in places that cause harm or injury. For instance, when people can see clearly, they will not fall in cracks in the driveway.

By paying special attention to these areas, the owner can make sure that their home alarm systems contain multiple features that will help to keep everyone safe in a variety of different ways. So, it is essential that people do their homework before Halloween.

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