What Is RTLS? Real Time Location Systems Explained

If you are looking for a more updated emergency safety solution for your organisation you should take into consideration the range of systems that there are today, including real time location systems. But what is RTLS?

RTLS indoor and outdoor positioning systems consist of two parts, the Bluetooth indoor positioning and the GPS outdoor positioning systems which we further discuss later on.

Because the safety of your workers ultimately depends on how fast the response is to any given situation, these new technological advance solutions are a great way to maintain the security of employees and may be just what you need!

With the use of these systems, as well as other integrated solutions, safety response teams are notified automatically when a distressed employee is in trouble. To eliminate any unnecessary delays, this technology will display the employee’s exact location on the screen so that emergency teams can take control of the situation and get them to a safety zone within a minimum amount of time. Employees can be safeguarded at all times, wherever their location.

With that being said, here are some facts that can assist you with answering the question “what is RTLS?”.

Real Time Information Definition – Understanding Real Time Location

First of all, you should know what real time information means before addressing the topic, since “real time” is used and defined in a number of different ways today.

Real time data is information which is delivered immediately after collection. Because of advancements in technology, real-time data is used in many different situations today. For instance, if you want to know how long it will take to travel from one destination to another, a real-time system will show this information immediately. The data that is displayed normally shows how far away the distance is and how much time it will take to reach that destination.

Some of the simplest, however, may define these systems as some of the latest advanced technologies, including those that detect present geolocation. In particular, as it applies to a specified target. These targets may be in a diversity of environments and settings. For instance, the target may be a vehicle, an item or items, and even a person.

As a result of the increasing demand and the use of RTLS technology, these systems can be found in many different industries and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Here’s a few of the more commonly known industries:

  • Data Centres
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Psychiatry
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Power Utilities
  • Mining & tunnelling Construction

What Is RTLS And How Does It Work?

As previously discussed, RTLS consists of two parts. The first part to RTLS is the indoor Bluetooth positioning systems. Beacons are installed and connected to the LAN of the building premises. In order for it to work, any permanent discoverable Bluetooth device can be registered to the system, for example a Bluetooth ID badge or a digital radio. The sensors can pick up the location of the device, making it possible for the location of people or vehicles to be tracked.

The second part to RTLS is the GPS outdoor positioning system which can locate and monitor objects around the facility too. If an employee were to exit the building premises, the Bluetooth connection of the handset would switch over to a GPS signal automatically making the tracking possible.

Employee Safety Protection And Personnel Tracking

When people work on hazardous jobs, anything can happen throughout the course of their day. Unfortunately, some activities may be in areas that may not be as visible as others. However, with the use of these new Real Time Location systems, these workers can be found and treated much easier.

In addition to tracking staff for protection purposes, some companies are using this type of technology to track workers activities. It really does not matter if the workers are in the field or off-site, this technology is incorporated into RFID enabled badges.

Real Time Location Systems have become a staple in many different industries today. With this technology, companies can track a wide range of different activities including locating workers in unsafe environments via the use of their employee RFID enabled badges.

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