At Minerva we design CCTV systems; undertake their installation; train your staff to become commercial CCTV operatives and offer advice. We ensure both manned and unmanned CCTV systems remain operational through scheduled maintenance across a variety of different sized businesses, in a range of sectors. This helps our customers reduce crime and increase security in and around their premises.

Our professionally designed CCTV security camera systems are installed to current standards set by NSI and are maintained by our team of engineers. Effective CCTV systems will not only provide round the clock security within and around your business premises; they will also allow you to reduce your man guarding costs; provide lone worker protection and help to prevent fires. The commercial camera systems we design and install can monitor external and internal areas, enhancing your provision of a safe environment for your staff and customers.

We can also install the latest IP video surveillance management solutions with high resolution commercial cameras for any application. These megapixel cameras can help you manage various locations in your premises including production lines and loading bays as well as identifying potential threats before they can cause harm and disruption. The benefit of a high resolution commercial camera is that they can effectively capture faces to identify breaches in security and later be used for prosecution. Low resolution CCTV systems don’t produce clear enough images.

Our CCTV security camera systems can be designed to suit most situations and sites, using a variety of static, pan, tilt, zoom or low light security cameras. Commercial camera footage can be recorded and monitored locally or via a desktop computer. There are a variety of recording options available to best suit your needs and storage capabilities. We also ensure that those commercial security systems are secure and can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

Minerva Integrated Security Services is an NSI (NACOSS) Gold ISO9001:2008 approved CCTV security camera system installer, with a proven track record of installing tamper-proof systems for commercial, industrial and public sector organisations. We provide and install a wide range of high performance commercial security systems, at competitive prices.

Types of CCTV Systems

A CCTV security camera system is an essential piece of security equipment for any type of business: so it is vital that the right type of commercial CCTV systems are used for the location and application. There are a wide range of commercial cameras to choose from with many different features and options.  This allows for a set-up that can meet any commercial security system need, but can also result in a confusing array of various types, styles and configurations.

Dome CCTV Cameras

Dome CCTV cameras are most commonly used within the interior of a property and get their name for the dome shaped housing in which they sit. The housing used is designed to make the camera unobtrusive, and also to protect them from being tampered with. Typically this camera is used in retail premises where the camera is designed to be unobtrusive but visible. It is difficult to tell the direction in which the camera is facing which makes it ideal for deterring criminals.

Dome commercial cameras also come in a “speed dome” variety which allow the camera to pan, tilt, zoom and spin quickly within the housing. Speed dome cameras have an automated movement function where the camera moves on a timed basis – or they can be directed by an operator. The speed domes tend to be used in situations where a wide area needs to be covered with only one camera, or there are poor light conditions at certain times of the day.

Bullet CCTV Camera

CCTV cameras which have a long, cylindrical and tapered shape are often referred to as bullet cameras. These are the most commonly seen commercial security systems. They are used in places which require long distance viewing, but focus on just one spot. This type of commercial camera is not designed to have pan, tilt and zoom control but instead to capture high quality images from a fixed location.

A bullet CCTV camera can be wall or ceiling mounted and can be used for both indoor and outdoor situations. As they are exposed to the elements, bullet cameras can be waterproofed by being installed inside protective casings. Not only can they withstand rain, hail and other harmful weather conditions, they can be fitted to repel dust and dirt, so they can be used in workplaces with a lot of sawdust, for example.

C-Mount CCTV Camera

C-mount CCTV cameras have lenses which can fit a variety of different applications. Standard commercial camera lenses can only cover distances of between 35 and 40 feet. However, with a special lens, a C-mount camera can cover distances greater than 40 foot.

The primary function of these commercial security cameras is to monitor areas, such as access roads and car parks – so that people can be seen approaching. As the camera is so far away from the area it is recording, its primary function is to observe, not to deter.

Day and Night CCTV Cameras

Even though most workplaces operate during the working hours – they are vulnerable 24 hours a day without a suitable commercial CCTV system. Day and night CCTV systems have an advantage because they can operate during both normal and poorly lit environments. These cameras don’t have infrared illuminators but they can capture clear video images in varying light conditions and in the dark.

The camera is ideal for outdoor surveillance applications where infrared CCTV cameras cannot function optimally. These CCTV cameras are primarily used in outdoor applications and they can have a wide dynamic range so they can also  function in glare, direct sunlight, reflections and strong back lighting.

Infrared and Night Vision CCTV Cameras

Night vision CCTV cameras have the ability to see images in pitch black situations using infrared LEDs and are ideal in outside conditions where lighting is poor to zero. These commercial cameras are very good at picking up activity in very low light conditions, but do not produce clear images in bright light conditions. As such, they are best used in tandem with a complimentary CCTV system.

Network & IP CCTV Cameras

Network and IP CCTV cameras can be both hardwired and wireless. The benefit of a wireless system is that cameras can be placed in areas where it is difficult to run a hard line. Instead, the cameras transmit images over the Internet. In order not to overwhelm any network, images are compressed so they are quickly sent from one location and received by another. IP cameras are easier to install compared to analog cameras as they don’t require a separate cable run or power boost to send images over a longer distance.

Wireless CCTV Camera

Not all wireless CCTV cameras are IP based. Some commercial cameras can use alternative modes of wireless transmission. However, no matter what transmission method is used, the primary benefit of these units is still the same – flexibility in installation.

High Definition (HD) CCTV Camera

High definition (HD) CCTV cameras are often associated with niche markets such as casinos and banks. These types of cameras give the operators the ability to zoom in with extreme clarity. However, due to the decrease in cost of storage and high definition cameras, more businesses are using them. One of the reasons more customer based companies are investing in high-definition commercial cameras is because of the rise in harassment and assault against staff members. Not only do HD cameras deter would-be assailants, the evidence they produce can be used for prosecution.

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