Fire detection and alarm systems run in the background, making sure that a fire hasn’t occurred without your knowledge inside your business premises. We do take them for granted but in an emergency, the differences between having a system installed and not is life and death of you, your employees and potentially your business.

Getting the best fire protection installed in your business premises is essential for not only your building but yourself and your employees as a fire can result in significant losses in time, customers and money. According to statistics, within the first 12 months of a business having a fire, 80% of businesses can fail.

Our wide range of fire detection solutions for your London based business are all coupled with expert advice to meet the needs and budget of each and every client, whatever your requirements may be.

Using FireClass, a revolutionary new range of commercial fire detection and safety products which are made exclusively within Europe, we’re able to provide comprehensive protection for both personnel and properties whilst minimising false alarms.

FireClass passes on a number of benefits to you, including a strong safety record and lower costs, with almost all false alarm associated costs removed.

All of our FireClass products feature a user friendly interface benefitting both installation and usability. They are also certified to the latest European safety standards and third party approved for your peace of mind.

The flexibility of the FireClass digital protocol also allows integration with both existing and future system upgrades to be implemented with ease, for more information please contact our friendly team to discuss your requirements.

Minerva Integrated Security a specialist in Fire Alarm Systems in London & Essex and across the South East of England.

Why Minerva?

We’re proud to offer a clear, independent, advice-driven service to our clients, delivering an end-result which is truly the best fit for their business.

We’re free from any constricting partnerships and offer equipment from a huge range of manufacturers, allowing us to approach each client individually, and provide a tailor-made solution to suit. We promise you won't get 'bounced around' - our process ensures that we'll get straight to the heart of your problem, and work with you to find the perfect solution. We are one of the UK's  commercial supplier, installer and maintainer of a wide range of Fire alarm and Security systems.

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