At Minerva, we provide and install Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), developed by Zonith – a manufacturer of software solutions. The location systems were designed specifically to make life easier for those who deal with alarms, not only by providing them with alarm handling and notification solutions, but by helping to protect their employees too.

Taking security to a whole new level, staff can now be safeguarded wherever their location – inside or outside of the business premises.

What is Real-Time Location System?

Real time location systems (RTLS) indoor and outdoor positioning systems, are one of a number of software systems which combine both Bluetooth technology and GPS as a way of tracking and monitoring objects and interactions as they occur. This can include monitoring the location of people and vehicles.

In order for a RTLS to work, any permanent Bluetooth discoverable device such as an Android Smartphone, digital radio or ZONITH Bluetooth ID badge can be registered to the system. Within the given environment, sensors are installed which work by picking up the location of the particular device. All RTLS data is stored, and can be used to not only see exactly what is going on in the given environment, but also to control what is happening over time.

Image of ZONITH RTLS Floor plan


The best thing about having a RTLS installed amongst your premises is that it allows you to monitor people and vehicles in real-time. With an insight into location you can use the information to help people out in distress situations. Immediate information about a staff member’s location is a core solution for if an incident were to occur.

RTLS is a simple solution to finding the exact whereabouts of an employee. In fact, rather than just showing a small icon on a map, exact areas names are identified to logically locate personnel.

RTLS is useful in an ever-increasing number of business sectors. This includes health care, commercial buildings, supply chain management, retail, postal, military and courier services, as well as other sectors too.

Image of RTLS Map icon

The Two Parts Of Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)

Bluetooth Indoor Positioning System (IPS)

RTLS Bluetooth indoor positioning (IPS) makes it possible for the tracking of staff from inside of the building premises. IPS Collects positioning information from Bluetooth beacons. From utilising data from several beacons, the solution contains an advanced algorithm to allow for accurate calculations of location. The higher the number of beacons which are installed and connected to the buildings LAN, the more accurate the data will be.

Image of RTLS Beacon

All members of staff can be individually located, just as long as they are both using and carrying a hand-held Bluetooth device. The hand-held device could be anything from an Android smart phone, a DMR or TETRA radio, a Bluetooth ID badge, a Bluetooth headset, to any other Bluetooth device that is permanently discoverable.

Image of ZONITH RTLS Bluetooth Badge

GPS Outdoor Positioning System

As well as monitoring the staff from inside of the premises, the combination of radio or GPS technology and Bluetooth technology allows for employees to be located around the facility too. This is called the GPS outdoor positioning system. If a member of staff were to leave the premises, the Bluetooth connection of the staff handset would automatically be switched to a GPS signal.

It is important to keep things simple in an emergency. All specific outdoors areas can be given names, which can help the GPS to track exactly where an emergency situation may have occurred. This way the response team will know exactly where to go in case of an incident.

RTLS can show exactly where all radios are located outside and inside of the facility, all on one map. This is helpful because it makes it easier to track the location of all members of staff if an emergency situation occurred. As well as that, it helps indicate which staff members are in a zone under threat.

Image of RTLS Screens

Improving Safety With RTLS

RLTS, and both it’s Bluetooth indoor positioning and it’s GPS outdoor positioning, are a great solution for any corporate facility as a way of ensuring the safety of the employees who work there.

Not only will RTLS provide solutions to the safety of your employees, but it will also provide great alarm handling and notification solutions including; exit/entrance control, critical area protection, panic alerting and fast emergency response.

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